CULTURE: The Grandeur of Our Society

When I thought of Writing on our culture, I was a bit indecisive because it was to write about a culture one doesn’t Completely profess and it is a delicate matter to do so.  Although there are many issues that are of considerable significance But after realizing that Our culture is tottering on the brink of threshold it caused somewhat Ebullition in me to express my deplorable Feelings to say at least.

Culture in Its broadest definition refers to that segment of Total attributes of Human action which is socially opposed to genetically communicated. Culture is that entire complex which includes knowledge, beliefs, morals, custom, habits, language acquired by a man as a member of society,  therefore, a Basic casual element of personality

Our culture is our asset, it is our identity, it provides us socially acceptable shapes for meeting our social needs. A culture tends to provide the measures of tastes in a specific path of Human activity. Culture means a way of life, it defines the lifestyle of people, it is integrated values, ideologies, beliefs, that entwine a society together. Through Culture people have learned much about nature.
Culture consists of both material and non -material facts. Non-material consists of Language, ideas, beliefs, values, music, etc  whereas material culture includes man-made, synthetic things (e.g., automobiles, telephone,  etc.)

Kashmir is not only famous for its beauty but also for its culture. Our culture significantly made kashmir more beautiful. We are adapted to a culture that is in existence from centuries popularized by assiduous efforts. Adaptation to such culture is an essential quality for the individual and society, our culture made our attitude unique.

Our culture is rich in all Material and non-material factors. But we are noticing the intense declension of our culture predominantly this decade. Cultural change has profoundly ruined our social life.

I am uncertain about the fact that were we compelled to adapt outside forces, did outsiders destroyed or damaged our environment making it difficult for us to survive with our traditional way of culture. Kashmiri Winter coat *Pheran* which was once Considered as a Distinguished dress particularly in winter Season   is now thought as outdated by our contemporary youth. A person wearing Pheran is often pestered and the poor pestered has to endure 

Their constant interruptions. I Realized that some Social elements (modernization, superiority in our society) have viciously damaged the entire Gamut of Culture, their every behavioral act is in contrast with our culture and replaced with exotic patterns of Dress which is not only contrary to our culture but also to our faith, even they don’t face cultural shock (a feeling of confusion caused by the strangeness of non-native environment) or they are yet to know about the priceless heritage.


  Our upbringing language Is scarcely Found in Us,  one speaking in Kashmiri is Thought a remote area resident particularly in Higher education  Institutions, many institutions consider It as a  Repugnant thing if student interacts in his native language or he may be rusticated As well in Future. Nowadays parents even don’t want their neonate to hear Kashmiri words,   parents sedulously teach them non-native language, at the end, they wittingly commit extinction of our upbringing language. Although this is not any wicked thing, these practices could substantially bring down the certainty of cultural wealth.

UNESCO, which designated February 21  as International Mother Language Day, says that every two weeks, a language disappears in the world.  India, which was once home to the second largest number of languages spoken in a country, has seen several of its languages disappear. I admit the contemporary Age is a Developmental era, but directing ourselves far from our culture doesn’t show any signs of development, vacillating before communicating in vernacular mode would never prove you socially acclaimed.

Several outside states were in dilemma over accepting the establishment of Central universities as they thought it will become vulnerable to their Respective Cultures and on the other hand, there are unrestrained efforts in deteriorating Our culture which is Just an emotion of intense dislike. This has left behind the horrible expression in the minds of those who truly love Kashmiri culture.

The cultural transmission Lahar (wave) Has degenerated into Kahar (Disaster)

Wajahat Gulzar

It is the craze for the external culture which is dangerous, such type of craze based on the establishment of a new culture and the worsening of native culture is detrimental to the Entire society. Our culture has the power to regenerate itself, it takes time, and if we constantly remained on its extinction without giving the necessary Time to completely Regenerate the absolute diminution Becomes inevitable.

Many people still think of cultural alteration as an accident or event which cannot be anticipated, this results in the focus in responding to the current need created by cultural transmission rather than preventing or diminishing the effect.

No doubt we are living in a newfangled epoch but still, we have to look after what we are based on. We have acceded to the new propensity, new chic but we must not forget our bedrock. Our culture is kinda heirloom from our primogenitors that we should hedge, respect, and keep it alive by following it in our rota.

We need to be haughty of our culture, we should teach our children to value our cultural attire and stop feeling inferior in it. We must start the celebration of the cultural day in our schools so that our children will remain in affinity with the culture. It should be made peremptory for every department and media platforms to highlight the importance of culture


It is our erroneous belief that cultural Deterioration has no magnitude, we are  being entrapped, the unhindered

Worsening of our culture Would sporadically and eventually lead to an erroneous conclusion

Wajahat Gulzar

Show love to your culture, give value to it,  Don’t make it endangered, Stop being shilly shally While speaking

Wajahat Gulzar

Care, compassion, and love are interrelated factors, and all these attributes are indicated by & arise out of Inherited love.

Wajahat Gulzar

Love is the most important & decisive segment involved in the generation & sustenance of Care

Wajahat Gulzar

It is the best of Time’s It is the Worst of Time’s, It is the season of wickedness, it is the season of Despondency

Wajahat Gulzar

My spiritual outpouring Indicates That my view will be irrefutably accepted

Wajahat Gulzar

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